Vibration Assessment

What is a Vibration Survey?

A vibration survey is carried out to measure human exposure to vibration in buildings.

A vibration survey is a common requirement when a vibration sensitive development, such as residential or healthcare is to be constructed close to a potential source of vibration such as vibration from railways, though other sources exist.

What is BS6472?

BS 6472-1:2008 is the guidance for evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings. Vibration dose value ranges which might result in various probabilities of adverse comment within residential buildings are:

 Vibration Dose Value Ranges in Accordance with BS 6472-1:2008
Place and timeLow probability of adverse comment m.s-1.75Adverse comment possible


Adverse comment probable


Residential buildings

16 hour day

0.2 to 0.40.4 to 0.80.8 to 1.6
Residential buildings

8 hour night

0.1 – 0.20.2 to 0.40.4 to 0.8

How we can help with BS6472 and Vibration Surveys

We are fully equipped to conduct vibration measurements, vibration assessments or surveys, or maybe required following a noise complaint from local residents.

We would visit the site, measure the vibration over 24 hours, and create a report on the VDV (Vibration Dose Values) for submission to local planning.

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