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Part F Ventilation Testing

The requirement to test ventilation performance in new-build dwellings has been in place since Part F Building Regulations 2010 were introduced, but the need to test is new for many looking to pass building regulations.

Part F Ventilation testing is required to ensure that the ventilation provided performs as intended, so that there is “adequate means of ventilation”.

As with air pressure testing, every dwelling constructed under the 2010 Building Regulations is required to be tested. This is to ensure that the airflow measurements for the ventilation system meet the ventilation rates set out in Approved Document F as below:

Soundtesting can provide cost-effective ventilation testing alongside air tightness and sound insulation testing, to minimise site disruption.

Why Do You Need Ventilation Testing?

Ventilation testing is required to ensure that a healthy and comfortable internal environment is in place for building occupants. This is achieved by ventilation which removes sources of internal pollution and  maintains humidity at a level which does not cause condensation. 

Building Regulations Approved Document F requires that new build dwellings including flats, houses and bungalows, complete air flow rate testing on ventilation systems to ensure they meet the required ventilation rates.

It is your responsibility to commission ventilation testing and ensure that air flow rates are measured in accordance with an approved procedure. You must then provide a notice recording the results and the data on which they are based in an approved manner to the building control body.

Sounds complicated? It can be.

But you can rest easy knowing our fully trained BPEC accredited engineers are testing to the latest standards and using calibrated equipment. Better than that, our experienced team are here to offer advice to help in achieving the required results for building completion.

Need help with vent testing for your projects? Call our experienced team of ventilation test engineers on 0800 917 1471

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We’re a highly experienced team of engineers and consultants providing cost-effective air testing to a diverse client base across the UK.

Our nationwide team of BPEC accredited ventilation testing engineers can complete fast-response Part F Ventilation tests, as well as help you ensure you are ready to pass.

With a decade’s worth of experience under our belt, we ensure that clients always achieve the required result and that reports are completed within specific timeframes.
We pride ourselves on delivering a personal, cost-effective service. We work with developers, contractors, architects and planners of all sizes, on a wide range of projects.

Want a quote for your projects? Call our experienced team of ventilation test engineers on 0800 917 1471

Need help with vent testing for your projects? Call our experienced team of ventilation test engineers on 0800 917 1471

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