BS8233 Noise Survey

What is BS8233?

British Standard 8233 is guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings. BS8233 provides information and guidance on the design of buildings for sound insulation and noise reduction in and around new buildings and refurbished buildings undergoing a change of use.

How is BS8233 Used?

It is generally used when introducing a noise sensitive development into a potentially noisy area. For example, residential dwellings (such as houses or flats), schools, hotels or care homes being placed next to a busy road, railway line or industrial area. City noise could also be included in noise sources which may affect the development.

Planning and BS8233

Noise is one of the major factors to be considered within the planning process of most developments. Frequently, planning conditions are imposed that require a noise survey to be conducted in accordance with BS8233 to ensure the new development is not impacted negatively by the surrounding acoustic environment.
If you have received a planning condition which requires a noise impact assessment (also called a noise survey) in accordance with BS8233, then we can help.

How We Can Help You With BS8233

Our acoustic experts are members of the Institute of Acoustics and have more than two decades of combined experience in helping contractors, developers and architects meet planning requirements on conversions and new builds.

The first step is to call our offices to discuss your project. Ideally, you will have site layouts, plans, elevations and a copy of the planning conditions to share with us. This means we can understand the complexities of your project and provide tailored, specific advice for you.

We can come to your site to visually inspect the development and will complete a noise impact assessment to measure the existing noise in the environment.

Once a noise survey has been conducted, it may conclude that noise control measures are required. Depending on the type of survey, the noise control measures could vary significantly.

We will analyse the data we have collected and use this data to advise on design elements such as glazing and ventilation to ensure your development will meet requirements.

We will produce a report that is suitable for you to submit to the local planning authority to help your development meet planning conditions.

If you have questions regarding a planning requirement for BS8233, call our friendly team of acoustic experts for advice on 0800 917 1471

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