BS4142 Noise Survey

What is BS4142?

BS4142 determines the adverse impact of sound from industrial and commercial sources.

Measurements are taken to establish the effects of sound upon noise sensitive buildings such as schools, care homes, offices or residential dwellings. This is not only to determine whether occupants may make a complaint but whether sound will have an adverse effect, such as disturbed sleep patterns or creating barriers to children’s learning ability. (LOOK AT BB93)

How is BS4142 Used?

The introduction of a new noise source into an area is likely to result in changes to the background  noise level of the area, and consequently adversely impact on the quality of the environment. Similarly, the introduction of a noise sensitive development near to an existing noise source will lead to an equivalent deterioration in amenity.

Noise Sources measured by BS4142

Noise sources that would be measured by a BS4142 Noise survey include:

  • Industrial and manufacturing processes
  • Fixed installations of mechanical and electrical plant and equipment, such as an air conditioning unit
  • The loading and unloading of goods
  • Mobile plant and vehicles, such as forklift trucks

How We Can Help You With BS4142

If you have received a planning condition requiring a noise survey in accordance with BS4142 we can help.

Sometimes the noise source may already be present, and in these cases we would measure the noise levels over 24 hours without this noise source and then again with the noise source to establish the difference.

Alternatively if a new noise source is being introduced, we would measure the existing levels in the area over 24 hours, and predict the impact of the potential new noise source.

Once a noise survey has been conducted, it may conclude that noise control measures are required. Depending on the type of survey, the noise control measures could vary significantly.

We will produce a report that is suitable for you to submit to the local planning authority to help your development meet planning conditions.

If you have questions regarding a planning requirement for BS4142, call our friendly team of acoustic experts for advice on 0800 917 1471.


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