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Meeting Planning Requirements for Noise in Different Regions

You probably already know that you need to factor noise insulation into your project, particularly if it is located close to a busy road, railway or in an industrial area.

You might even have worked on a project or two that had planning conditions for noise, meaning you had alter the project design or specifications.

You might not be aware, however, that the regulations for noise vary depending on which Local Authority (LA) you’re building in.

The regulations for Luton, Manchester, Ealing and Sussex are all different, as they will be for almost every other LA.

They’re rarely specific either. When you look at the documentation for Luton Council, for example, their guidance states:

“A noise survey and report may be required at the application stage or once planning permission has been granted. A noise survey and report are required if:

The proposed development will be sensitive to noise and is likely to be affected by existing noise sources. For example, a housing development near to a busy road, railway or commercial activity.
The proposed development will create noise which may affect nearby noise sensitive properties. For example, a new commercial activity near existing residential properties.”
So basically… you might need one before or after planning. And if your development will be affected by noise or if it will generate noise.

The conditions vary between each Local Authority, because each has its own agenda and priorities. It can be difficult to know whether you’ll need a noise survey in advance of submitting your application, and harder still to know how much not having one could delay your planning application.

To ensure a speedier planning process, you can complete a pre-application noise survey. This means that you have pre-empted any concerns around noise, and could avoid additional planning conditions on your project.

If you involve us from the initial pre-planning stage, we can help by discussing your project needs and any potential issues you may face.

We offer a full consultancy service to advise you on the options available, along with important points you might need to consider to make the correct decisions about the construction type and products that best suit the situation.

We can provide advice and guidance on whether your project is likely to need a noise survey, complete any assessments required and work together at design stage to ensure acoustic performance requirements are achieved.

So if your next project is in a new area, or if you just want some practical advice, give us a call on 0151 933 6186.

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