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What You Should Do if Your Air Leakage Test Fails

It’s the result nobody wants – you’ve nearly completed your project, with decorators finished, doors hung and the lights on, and then your Air Leakage Test shows you aren’t meeting the targets set by your SAPs.

At this late stage in the project, it can be a daunting prospect – you want to avoid delays and hand over the project to your deadlines. Making holes in walls and re-sealing windows is definitely not ideal – so here’s some simple steps you can follow to help solve any issues.

Ask For Advice

Often, when an Air Leakage Test fails, our engineers can offer on-site remedial advice. We will use our experience to locate areas of leakage, and, depending on the severity of the issue and works required, may be able to carry out a re-test on the same visit.

Revisit the Air Leakage Test Checklist

We provide all our Air Leakage Testing customers with a checklist to help ensure you’re ready to complete air testing. Missing one element can have an impact that could change your test results, so try going through the checklist again to see if there’s anything that can be remedied. Click here to download the checklist.

Have Contractors Available

If leaks or other problem areas can be resolved in a reasonable time period (and many can) then we can re-test in the same visit. It can pay off to ensure you have a contractor available on the day of the test to make any necessary fixes.

Provide Access to the Entire Scheme

If you fail an Air Leakage Test  on a multi-plot site, Building Control may ask to test further examples of the construction elsewhere on the development . This is in order to restore confidence or highlight the extent of the issue. In these circumstances, we will need to be able to access any of the plots on your site.

Request a Smoke Test

If the source of the air leakage cannot be identified by visual inspection, then we can use smoke pens and smoke machines to identify the where the leaks are.

Above All, Don’t Panic

If you fail an Air Leakage Test, it can feel like a serious issue – and occasionally it is. However, our experience of more than a decade of air testing has shown that usually, a development will fail by a narrow margin. This means that minor fixes can be implemented on the day of the test and we can re-test on the same day, so there’s no need for another site visit.

If your project will need Air Leakage Testing, and you’re unsure if it will pass, we can help. Just call our team on 0151 933 6186 for advice and to book tests.

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